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  • How is A Home For Her (AH4H?) funded?
    As a non-profit organization, we are funded through a mix of donations, fundraising events, corporate contributions, fees from our homeowners course, and government grants.
  • When will A Home For Her begin accepting applications?
    Applications will begin being processed on July 1 st of each year and remain open based on funding.
  • How many grants will A Home For Her award?
    We plan to issue at least 25 grants in 2024. This number will increase with our funding.
  • If I receive a grant, do I have to pay it back?
    The Bridging the Gap grant is the ONLY one that requires repayment in the event you vacate the purchased home. Recipients of the Bridging the Gap grant must acknowledge the repayment structure. The amount that must be repaid by the grant recipient will depend on the length of residency in the purchased home. If you have lived in the home for: 100% repayment for residency of 36 months or less; $3,000 repayment for residency of 37-48 months; $1500 repayment for residency of 49-60 months.
  • Who can take the DesignHer Pathway to Homeownership™️ course?
    Anyone can take the course, as it has been designed to educate first time homeowners. Everyone that submits an application for a grant will be required to have completed the course.
  • How much does the DesignHer Pathway to Homeownership® course cost?
    The course is $99 and required completion by anyone desiring to apply for any grant.
  • Does the DesignHer Pathway to Homeownership® course count as a homeowner education credit for different loans?
    Not at this time, however the goal of AH4H is to have the program certified for acceptance by other lenders. Please speak with your lender and share the course for review to verify acceptance.
  • Who is eligible to apply for a grant with A Home for Her?
    Each grant has specific eligibility requirements however, you must be an unmarried, African American female with a single household income of less than 100k and have a certificate of completion for the DesignHer Pathway to Homeownership.® Note lender and real estate professional information is required to verify application details. Please review each grant requirement as listed on the website for details.
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