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DesignHer Pathway to HomeOwnership
90-Day Buyer Readiness Program®

Here's How the Next 90 Days Can Bring You Closer to Fulfilling Your 

Homeownership Dreams

You have a crystal-clear vision of your dream home. You know the kind of neighborhood you want it to be in and how you plan to arrange your furniture. You’ve even thought about what color you’d paint the walls.

But what you can’t seem to picture is how you’re ever going to buy it. Because…


• Your savings account isn’t exactly stacked;
• Your credit score is less than spectacular; and
• You can’t make heads or tails of the buying process.
• You worry that you won’t be able to keep up with a mortgage or maintain the house.

But as difficult as homeownership might seem, it’s far from impossible.

Every single one of your challenges and doubts can be remedied by a bit of knowledge, a lot of planning, and the confidence and consistency to follow through, one step at a time.

And it doesn’t have to take you an eternity. You can make significant progress towards being ready to buy in just 90 days or less based on your completion of the course..

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Modern House

The DesignHer Pathway To Homeownership 90-Day Buyer Readiness Program ™ Cuts Through The Confusion, Answers All Your Toughest Questions, And Gets You 100% Ready To Buy Your Home And Prepared To Maintain It.

Suburb Houses

Here's Some of What's 


During the course modules, you’ll uncover every element of getting ready to buy a home, the process of buying a home, the partners that will assist you, how to maintain your home after closing and everything in between and beyond.

Master Your Mindset

Managing Your Money Matters

Stay the Course


Challenge your doubts and fears around purchasing a home and discover the habits and behaviors that will support your journey to homeownership

• Diminish Your Doubt
• Financial Behavior Analysis

Prepare your bank account and credit score for pre-approval and a down-payment with real, practical strategies to get you financially primed to buy

• Non-Judgmental Expense    

• 12-Month Budget Creation
• Credit Analysis and

   Restoration Strategy
• Debt Repayment Strategies
• Income Generation          

• Savings Plan Creation

Strategies only work if you follow through, and these resources will provide you the support and accountability needed to stick to your homebuyer readiness plan.

• Personalized Motivational

• Homeowner Advisory      

   Committee Support 

 DesignHER Debt to Wealth Workbook

Your Dream Home is Within Your Reach!

You just need to get ready to grab it. And with the DesignHer Pathway to Homeownership 90-Day Buyer Readiness Program™, you’ll have easy access to everything you need to secure the keys and discover how you can build wealth in real estate beyond your first home.

Coming December 2023

Meet the Creator of the Program

Hi I'm Sherkica,

For 18 years, I have helped aspiring homeowners navigate the home buying process from conception to pre-approval to signing day, on through their future years as homeowners. 

As  the creator of the  DesignHer Pathway to Homeownership 90-Day Buyer Readiness Program®, I wanted to bring in information and resources to help "her"not only prepare and achieve home ownership but to learn how to maintain and leverage "her" greatness asset to build wealth. 

Join me and my colleagues and partners as we take you through the buying process on step at a time.

Complete the program to become Home Buyer Certified!

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