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Apply for a Grant

The Pathway to Homeownership

Application Process

  • Complete the DesignHer Pathway to Homeownership® course to receive certificate of completion   (Note this is NOT a guarantee of approval for any grant application) 

  • Complete application online via website for applicable grant  

  • Applicant receives invite to interview with a housing advisory committee member within 3 business days  to review application and ensure all information is submitted.  

  • Housing advisory member reviews application and completes the packet for final review to full committee for approval 

  • Housing advisory committee (5 of 7) approves and /or defers for further review of application.

  • If approved, the AHFH board will approve accounting to process payments within 30 days or be prepare to issue commitment letter to lender and funds at closing for the “Bridge the Gap” grant. 

  • If deferred for review, applicant will be notified and have 10 days to submit any needed documentation to complete file. 

  • Where there is a denial, a formal letter will be issued with documented reasoning. 


By providing the information below you agree to complete all authorizations and submit the necessary documentation to thoroughly review your application package.

Thanks for submitting!

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